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What Is A Launch Team?

A Launch Team is a group of people who want to get involved in the publishing of books. As a member of the team, you will get updates on the book's progress through its final stages. You will get instructions on exactly how to get the book during Launch Week at a discount of only 1.99 cents! I will also let you know where to leave reviews after purchasing. You are vital to making the book successful so it can reach more people and change lives

What Is the Book About?

Conquer Your Summit is a comprehensive approach to relieve any anxiety that comes to mind when thinking about your future and making plans to accomplish your dreams. Incorporating this life planning method into your daily routines will provide realistic action plans and allow you to stick to them. This book will analyze your financial, career, personal growth, and community goals as you climb the mountain of life to reach success. I have created a simple three-phase strategy that includes teaching you mental exercises, planning techniques, and an execution routine. With this strategy, you will build a stellar Five-Year Plan, Two-Year Action Plan, and Quarterly Goals that meet your needs and allow you to Conquer Your Summit in life!

Who is the Audience for this Book?

The book's ideal audience includes young professionals who are looking to get the most out of their lives or build big goals around Personal Growth, Financial Freedom, Career Success, and Community. Although, anyone who resonates with wanting to find a path in life can find benefits from reading this book. 

It's for those who want to stop spiraling through life, get centered and have a purpose to drive towards in life.