How to Build a Five-Year Plan & 

Live Your Best Life

Written by Aliki Samone

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Conquer Your Summit is a comprehensive approach to relieve any anxiety when thinking about your future and making plans to accomplish your dreams. Incorporating this life planning method, we call The Summit Method, into your daily routines will provide realistic action plans and allow you to stick to them. This book will analyze your personal growth, financial, career, and community goals as you climb the mountain of life to reach success. We have created a simple three-phase strategy that includes teaching you mental exercises, planning techniques, and an execution routine. With this strategy, you will build stellar plans that meet your needs and allow you to Conquer Your Summits in life!

Five-Year Plan

Two-Year Action Plan

Quarterly Goals 

Do you ever feel overwhelmed when thinking about making a plan for your future?  

Relieve the burden and learn to Conquer Your Summit!

Gear Up Learn about the mental techniques to make you a powerhouse in life planning techniques

Base Camp  Learn about three types of plans & the event that brings it all together

The View  Learn about the 4 Mountains of Success & your current assessment

Get Ready  Learn how to implement the Summit Method worksheet to build an epic life plan

Conquer  Learn how to conquer your summits again and again with helpful best practices for life

Analyze Your 4 Areas of Success





Find Your Purpose

Follow the straightforward, guided approach to life planning, tracking, and execution to accomplish your goals & live your best life!